Yet Another Completely True Story

On my way home from school the other day, I was chased by a pack of wild dogs!

… Well. It was one dog. It was a pack of wild dog.

It’s owner had been walking it and when I peddled past on my trusty steed, something snapped in its little doggie mind and it gave chase. Its owner lost the leash and the thing started chasing me, fulling of barks and growls. It was wild! Never mind that it wasn’t much bigger than 30 lbs, the thing had teeth! And eyes!

I shrieked and swore and started peddling harder up the hill.. but the dog just ran faster! That’s when the owner started swearing at me and telling me to stop so she could get her dog. I… wasn’t exactly going to do that so I started peddling in circles while the dog chased me and the owner chased the dog…

Sometimes I suspect my life of rediculosity. :)

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