The Ren Faire – Part 8

I thought I’d start doing comic-related babbling here – because I don’t do enough of it in the news posts. ^_^ In case you don’t read the comic, I just introduced a personified conscience – the angel on your shoulder thing, into the storyline. It marks a serious change because thus far I’ve stuck rather well to reality, without introducing the angels and magic, talking animals, and robot computers that seem pretty common around the other slice of life comics. But the jokes for the last two comics and the next one just -nailed- themselves into my brain and demanded I draw them. And they required an angel girl… So there you have it.

Now that I’ve taken this plunge into unreality, I really, really wanna do an android robot computer… Really, really, -really- wanna. A lot of the comics out there – Megatokyo, Applegeeks, Comedity, have these really sweet-natured pretty computer robot girls. So I wanna do Nikolas Kai (My computer, Nicky. Y’all know Nicky, right?) up as a gorgeous hunk of long-haired boy flesh. And I have a few really funny jokes in mind about it (Like Athlon’s run a little hot… Rawr)… But the thing is… Well. I’ve always had a pretty clear image of Nicky. He looks a little like a good-aligned Kai from David Mack’s Circle of Blood, but different. It’s as clear in my mind as the image of my personal Muse… And that’s well and good, but then one day I met the walking, talking, breathing -image- of Nicky. o.O And that’s kinda weird.

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