A Question of Style

So I mentioned that biking my commute and errands has a number of downsides – here’s a funny one. In order to ride in comfort, I own padded bike shorts, with a little chamois inside, designed to protect my bottom from.. wear and tear, as it were. I biked for a month without these and, lemme tell you, I am a -fan-. The length of my rides (so far!) doesn’t really justify this luxury, but me and my bottom care not. The downside of biking clothing is it, uh… is designed to show off the phenomenal biker physique which, uh, I don’t have. As I stumble into first period, still sweaty and in my biking clothes, any one who’s interested has a knowledge of my body -nearly- as intimate as that earned by the diligent courting of the boyfriend that, uh, I don’t have.

So in the interests of modesty, I’ve been trying some different things. I tried wearing longer, looser shorts over my bike shorts, but that feels heavy and uncomfortable – apparently the skin tight thing? Actually useful. But! I have discovered a method! Tossing a cute, flirty skirt on over my bike shorts looks both modest (like a skirt over tights) and stylish, so I don’t feel so awful stumbling into first period. It doesn’t take up as much room in my panniers because I’m wearing it! The skirt gives my legs full movement range and can either be tucked under me or left to flap in the breeze as I peddle on my merry way. It’s perfect!

The only downside is.. I only own one skirt that’s appropriate for this. Anyone wanna do my shopping? Or perhaps sewing? I’m looking for skirts long enough to be modest, but short enough not to get in the way, with a very soft stretchy waistband, and full enough to get my a wide range of motion. Also cheap. xD

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