You can tell it’s the holiday season because I have so many complaints about work. I genuinely enjoy my job but some days… Between the guests and the coworkers, I wanna scream. No one ever wants to work the holidays. They want to hang out and play with their families. I understand that. But at my restaurant, you have to sign a little sheet that says you -will- work the day before or the day after Christmas and you -will- work the day before or the day after New Year’s. A couple people didn’t bother to show up for their shifts – which made the shift seriously suck for everyone. Now the schedules for Christmas and New Year’s were posted two weeks ahead of time (Way more warning that we usually get) so everyone could handle them and plan around their work shifts. Great, right?

Tonight I was closing the restaurant which is pretty normal. I like closing because as long as I’m dragging myself all the way out to work and going through all the effort of putting on clothes, I might as well stay an extra hour or two and make some more money. When you close, you have a partner who splits the closing chores with you. With a little luck and foresight you can get out of the restaurant half an hour after it closes, no problem. In order to do this, though, you have to start your chores -before- you close. And I did. But my partner in crime decided to look at the schedule for the first time (despite the fact that it’s been up there for a couple weeks!) and throw a hissy fit because she has to work New Year’s Eve. And I do mean a hissy fit. She was whining and -crying- because she has a kid she has to take care of. She spent -awhile- complaining about them. And not doing her chores. She did -nothing-. Because she couldn’t be bothered to tend to her own damned responsibilities I was stuck at work doing most of her work until a quarter past midnight. One hour and forty-five minutes after we closed.

Not. Cool.

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