Today Was a Good Day

I couldn’t get to sleep this morning (It’s probably a bad sign that going to bed before the sun comes up takes a lot of extra effort). I meant to go to bed around 4 am and wake up at noon so I could get stuff done out in the real world before work. Instead I rolled out of bed and stayed up late into the morning, doing some drawing stuff. So I went to bed, over-slept, and got up just in time to start getting ready for work. I need fifteen minutes to get ready for work. Ten to check my e-mail and forums, three to put my clothes on, and two to run around screaming ’cause I can’t find my keys. *cough*

So I was headed to work when I stumbled across a package sitting on my doorstep. Hurrah, presents from Terje! ^-^ Being a responsible soul I didn’t allow the box of presents to distract me from getting to work on time. I did the adult thing and tore into the box at all the stop lights on the way. <3 Sooo many nifty toys and things. The corning glory of the box is a beautiful latex long sword with sheath for larping. It’s utterly lovely and it hangs very nicely on my hip. Unfortunately I suspect it won’t pass safely inspection. When I hit myself with it, it hurts. ^-^; I’ll have to go buy some boffer supplies for the store and make a temporary long sword. If -my- sword passes safety inspection then I’ll donate the spare to NPC camp. If it doesn’t, I’ll have a sword. Meanwhile, I shall cuddle the latex darling and love it muchly. ^_^ Sooo pretty.

I also got the excellent news that my parents still have my SCA practice armour. We’re talking some very sturdy acid barrel plate that’s been sized and melted to fit my wee curves. Way -way- too much armour for my current healer to wear in game, but it’ll be good to have it around for NPCing and to lend to other female players. (One year I lent it to one of the boys which was -very- funny because the armour’s got built in boobies). I think my father also said they still have my chainmailing gear which would be… awesome. My urge to chainmail has been growing and growing and growing. @_@ I’m -this- close to spending my commission money on chainmail rings off ebay and making some jewelry. -This- close. In anycase I’ll head up to their new house next month and pick up my toys and things. And no matter what, there will be armour, which is enough to make my day (NPCing for mass battles, here I come! Muahaha!).

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