Too Much To Do!

My Day Off Of Productivity And Getting Things Done begins… now. Ish. ^_^

Things I Have Done:

Bought flier paper
Bought booklet & cover paper
Made 100 spell packets for NERO
Written 5 out of 13 spell poems for NERO
Buttons Designed
Designed Blue’s Clan Tattoo for Nero
Made 2 pair of horns
Picked comics for Con Booklet
Gone to bed for a nap
Woken up
Eaten cake

Things To Do:

Finish 1 commission for Sunday
Finish Monday’s comic
Design Flier for WTH Con
Select comics for booklets for WTH Con
Write spell poems for NERO
Make horns for Con
Make 100 more spell packets for NERO
Go to Post Office
Go to Bank

Things Not To Do:

Have mercy upon self.

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