OMG, Larp Weekend

Grab a drink and pull up a seat boys and girls, it’s time for another Larp Update!

I drove down nice and early Friday night. The weekend before I hadn’t been able to find the park’s address on my GPS and I’d wound up having to wing it… so this time I printed out emergency directions and had a cell phone in case I got horribly lost (Thanks Mama Elf!) and I was -prepared-. It’s a long drive to Piedmont but pleasant. It was black as ink outside and for most of the trip there’s very, very little in the way of street lights to dazzle my eyes and almost -no- traffic. Just me hurtling through the darkness in my little car. Unfortunately it’s a really -long- drive and I was doing it alone and my ipod hiccuped and shut down. Driving alone in the dark for a couple hours with no company but the doubts inside my head slowly dropped me into a smaller, quieter, more depressed self. I got to the event well before game on with plenty of time to run around setting up… but I was trying without success to stave off a mild depression. The best news was my beautiful, beautiful, exquisite latex sword, given to me by the wonderful Terje, was accepted. :D Safe and useable. <3 Squeee! The bad news was after I finished setting up my bed and unpacking I discovered I’d forgotten the -only- thing I needed for the weekend – my cloak. o_< And the weather was going to be in the low 20′s. Gah! Grr! Damn! Inn’t it always the way?

By the time I finished setting up and whining ’cause I’d forgotten my cloak and gently giving a couple boys a stern warning about not touching me until invited (it’s the tattoo. My costume, especially while I’m getting dressed, shows a little of my tattoo, which stretches across my shoulders and down my back. Seeing just a bit of the shoulders, people often go “Cool!” and reach out to touch me and try and see the rest. Which is a no-no. No touchie until you’re invited.). To their credit, both boys only needed to be told once. And to -my- unending amusement, Adam watched me giving the first touch warning to one young man, who then reached to point towards me while saying something which I forget because Adam reached out and smacked him. xD Not hard, but he -smacked- him. “o.O?” said the boy who’d been smacked. “Oh,” said Adam. “Thought you were going to touch her.”

Anyway. After that I got my character straightened out with NPC camp and waited around for game on. ANd waited. And waited. And fetched my art supplies and drew… by the time game on set in I was firmly wedged into my quiet depression. The thing about a low-level depression, for me, is it makes me want to shut down and be quiet – and I’m playing a -bard-. This does not go well together. Fortunately, the tavern mistress had announced that she needed a wench and I’d volunteered. So I spent Friday peeling potatoes and washing dishes and listening to the other tavern people play. Busy work, but good. The Tavern Mistress is pleasant, her husband is attractive, and her daughter is fully capable of talking your ear off. I kept myself busy but I was lonely and out-of-place without Mama Elf and the rest of my adopted family. My bad, totally. I should have invited myself along on half a dozen adventures, which would have picked my mood up and filled my pocket with treasure… but, nope.

Nymbus, a blue drake character brought me a witness to some criminal activities and left her with me, asking me to do some sketches based on the witnesses descriptions, right before he went to bed. That kept me busy for a long time heading into the wee hours and doing some other art kept me even busier. I tiptoed into the cabin at around 6 am and found it -cold-. They’re supposed to be heated cabins but it was -damn- cold. Damn, damn cold. Everyone was asleep and I huddled into my blankets, whimpering and whining, and listening to strangers snore. I got up and tried to crawl into Adam’s bunk and steal his body heat but the boy sleeps like the damn -dead- and didn’t even notice me whispering and poking at him. So I crawled back into my own bunk and continued to whine to myself for a couple hours. I got no sleep but I listened to the NPCs trap the door and I listened to the traps go off by themselves almost immediately. And I grinned when everyone else woke up and started edging around trying not to set off the traps and die. I’m a bad person. But I wasn’t sleeping in the barracks, in game, I was sleeping at Foundling Farms. So I wasn’t there to tell them in game information.

So I was awake early and I headed back to the tavern to help get breakfast ready and found the place had been trashed by goblins. The Mistress and I kept ourselves busy cleaning up the place and getting breakfast cooked. And I did the wenchy thing, serving plates to the hungry adventurers and bringing them their drinks and all of that – just like my real life, but with elf ears and horns. xD And I spent the afternoon doing some art, killing random goblins who attacked the tavern, and helping out the tavern mistress. I peeled… a -lot- of potatoes and did a bunch of dishes. I didn’t mind because it was something to do and it kept me safe and warm in the tavern – without my cloak I didn’t really want to go roaming off very far.

Some scary necromanic metal skeleton things attacked the town and I played healer, rushing out from the tavern to apply healing potions Mama Elf had given me for that very purpose. I’m a very low-level character in game, but Mama Elf loaded me up for werebear so I wasn’t completely useless. Thank -you-, Mama Elf! ^-^;; I used up almost all your potions. After that I helped start lunch and went to take a shower. I was in the cabin, lacing myself back into my costume and brushing my hair and all of that when Dracos, leader of the Academy, arrived at “Foundling Farms” and asked me to accompany them as a healer to rescue some miners who were acting -very- suspiciously. As in, mind-controlled, suspiciously. As Blue, I was love-charmed by a member of the Academy and was still feeling distrustful. But mind-controlling is serious business to a Mystic Wood Elf so I made sure a couple people I knew were going to be there and agreed to go as well. We all met up in the tavern, I cast some protection spells on people who needed them, and we headed out.

Hoo man! It was so much fun. We hiked out along a path about a quarter mile and hung around waiting for the npcs to finish setting up. A little investigating suggested it was going to be some -serious- business so we sent a runner back to the town to find as many other people as she could. We were already going in with about 10 people, but the more the merrier. And after a little out of game joking and playing around, we headed into the mines. We found… scary stuff. There were those necromantic metal skeleton things -everywhere- and Enslaved miners… They were all dumbly following their tasks so as long as we didn’t touch them, we were okay. Unfortunately, a group of adventurers can not stop themselves from touching and breaking things to save their -lives-. Akuna, a little raccoon alchemist and I were the main healers of the party… which put us in an awkward position. All out party members were big scary people dressed in black. All the npcs were big scary people dressed in black. How could we tell who was on our side?

Akuna had a stroke of genius and started everyone up on a marco-polo thing. Everytime we called Marco, our party members would sing “Polo!” back to us and we’d run to catch up with them. And everytime someone needed healing, they’d shout “MARCO!” and we’d call “Polo!”, while heading in with our healing potions. Clever, ne? So it was -working- until we came to a room full of sarcophagi and metal skeleton things pulling -more- metal skeleton things out of the sarcophagi. Oh, shit, we said. They’re.. -legion-. We can’t fight this. “Here,” said Nymbus. “We’ll put a ward on this room so that no more of them can leave and then we’ll get everyone together and we’ll come take care of this.” Right. That sounded like a good idea. And it -was- until something happened and all hell descended upon us. Someone did something to alarm the skeleton things and they descended upon us.

There was a lot of running and screaming at that point. We were trying to retreat out of the mines/catacombs but the monsters were pressing us and we were a big party – we all got separated up. I took a couple of blows and fell, bleeding to death, at Chase’s feet. Clever, clever Chase dropped his shield over my body, letting the monsters wail on him while he was protecting me “CRAWL!” he yelled at me. “CRAWL PAST! .. shit, are you dying?!” He slapped a cure light wounds on me, bringing me back around and kept screaming at me to crawl. I scrambled through his legs and ran like hell. I found Akuna, the little raccoon girl running beside me. “What’s happened?!” I screamed. “Where is everyone?!” “I don’t know!” she cried back. And the two of us promptly ran into Tal and Lily, who were coming up to join our party.

“Where is everyone?” Lily demanded. “There’s supposed to be fifteen of you!” We wailed our uncertainties, explaining that we’d all been separated and our people were still in there, with the enslaving monsters. At which point I, acting in character as the fairly young and inexperienced Blue, started crying and insisting that we had to go back and get them. Which is when the monsters found and attacked us. Akuna and I hid behind Tal and Lily, who were trying to fend them off and were only able to because we were in the middle of a mine shaft. There were six of the metal skeleton things attacking and only Tal and Lily to defend, while Akuna and I did our best to apply healing potions. We were giving ground, trying to retreat and knowing that as soon as we left the narrow shaft of the mine the six monsters would surround us and then it’d be all over.

“Get back there and draw a circle!” hissed Tal.
“What?!” we all wailed. “None of us can cast that spell!”
“I’ll cast it! Just go draw the damn circle!” I figured out what he was saying first, turned, and ran like hell, yanking out my sword and drawing a circle in the sand. Grabbed Akuna next to me and then grabbed Lily. As soon as Tal stepped into the drawn circle, he activated a circle of power and the four of us huddled it it while the monsters banged on the walls of our protection. I whimpered for a bit, huddled against Lily with Akuna in my arms and insisting, repeatedly, that we had to get back and get the rest of our people – Enslavement is a fate worse than Final Death. Finally the monsters stopped banging on our circle of power and fell back to deal with something else.

The four of us regrouped, healed up, and started marching back up towards the catacombs to rescue our people. We met Chase coming towards us carrying the unconscious body of one of our companions. “Roc and the rest of them ‘ported in.” He announced. “They’re all in there. This guy was milky eyed and attacking us. I beat him down but I think he’s been Enslaved.” I attempted to heal the guy who promptly tried to attack us. Lily cast a sleep spell on him and we left him at the side of the cave wall, heading back in to find the rest. More of our people were trickling down, and each time we saw one, Akuna and I were yell “Marco?!” and if they were ours and not Enslaved, they’d yell “POLO!” and we’d shriek our relief and let them pass. Those who didn’t yell Polo were either the enemy or Enslaved. The Marco-Polo system is -clever-.

Eventually everyone was accounted for – we continued in the catacombs until we got all our people and all the milky-eyed enslaved people out and then we ran back to town. I still don’t know if we actually cleaned out the catacombs or just ran for it. xD I should find out – if that menace isn’t defeated, we’ll have to go back and deal with it.

Back at the Tavern we arrived in time for Feast dinner – I helped serve everyone their plates and then settled down with my own, chatting with the peoples and munching my dinner. I surprised Trent, who plays a blonde Elf Boy I have a crush on, with a cake – it was his birthday. I baked him a chocolate cake with 17 hot pink candles in a smiley face. xD He seemed pleased and no one who ate the cake died of food poisoning, so I considered it a success. After that I started washing dishes. And washing dishes. And washing dishes. And then Heather, who plays the Tavern Mistress laid several surprises on me. First she gave me my money back. I’d originally paid for my meals just like everyone else, but she said I’d been way too much help and eaten like a bird, my meals were on them. Awwwr, said I. Thank you! And returned to my work with a bit more enthusiasm. Then Heather sought out Michelle, who co-owns the chapter and sang my praises. Michelle promptly gave me 500 goblin points (for those of you who don’t know NERO goblin points can be traded in for all sorts of things. 1 point for 1 silver or 1 point for 1 production point for items like potions, armour, scrolls, stuff like that or 50 points for a chunk of experience. I made 300 spell packets for about 450 goblin points and thought that was really good. 500 points is a -lot- of goblin for me. This was a really awesome reward for something I was okay with doing anyway).

The pile of dishes defeated me utterly and the Tavern Mistress sent me off to have some fun while they did the rest of them. This was well timed – I’d barely sat down to do some drawing when the town was promptly attacked by… something. A small boy ran in and shouted “THEY NEED HEALERS OUT THERE! Quick! People down! All sides!” And I went “.. eek!” and ran outside. Akuna and I did our thing, hiding behind bigger people and rushing forward to apply healing every time someone fell down. I got pretty adept at scooting in and using the fallen body of my comrade as a shield while I force fed them healing potions. Or maybe the NPCs were being nice and not trying too hard to kill me. ^-^ In any case we were pressed hard by undead troll type creatures (?!?!) and we all fought long and mightily until they were finally defeated. -Phew- we said.

And some people went off to bed while some people were hanging out. Adam and I were relaxing on a picnic basket, contemplating sleep… We’d unbuckled out swords and he’d dropped his shield and taken off some of his bits and pieces.
“No…” said Adam. “Every time I go to sleep, something happens.”
“Well, we could go lay down with our clothes still on. And if we get attacked, we can jump up, grab our swords, and go deal with it.”
“Naw.. if I go to bed, I’m not getting up.”
“T_T” said I. “I noticed.”

Which is when, of course, there was a distant explosion. “OMG!” We scrambled back into our swords and armour as quickly as we could while the others skill awake ran out to see what had happened. A member of the city’s militia came running, announcing that more of those undead trolls had arrived and blown a hole in our city walls. “Omg.” We ran to the wall and found the Guard holding the hole as best they could. “Thank you for coming!” shouting the captain. Listen. We need to hold this wall while my men set up charges. We’re going to collapses these two buildings to fill the hole. It’s going to take about ten minutes and we -need- you to hold it.”

“Omg,” I said. “We’re all going to die.”
“What spells have you got left?” this guy asked me.
“Six,” I said. “Four third level and two second levels.”
“Okay, we can use that.”
“Nu’uh,” said I. “They’re -Harmony- spells. Basically all I’ve got is two cure wounds and a couple stablizes. Nothing else that’s going to be any use.”

And then the guy promptly built me a circle of Harmony. :O See, Harmony spells are interesting. It’s very restricted magic – absolutely no offensive capabilities at all. But I get a few really interesting spells that no one else gets and if I cast from my hearth I can cast the spells on multiple targets with a single spell. -Including- healing spells.

“Omg!” I said. “We’re all going to -live-!”

Harmonics is a new thing and I’m the -only- one in my chapter using it so I’m sort of trying to figure out the best way to deal with it. But we drew my circle of harmony and I stood within it, singing my spells and hurling spell packets of healing and armour and blessing at my people. I don’t think many of them noticed – I started calling their names out when I was throwing the spells and the more clever ones noticed and would actively reach out and grab the packet of healing or blessing that was coming to them. They’ll get used to that and I’ll get more useful as I learn what I’m doing and get more spells. Once I’d used up my spells, I scampered out with the rest of Mama Elf’s potions and applied them as best I could. We held the line, barely, and lost a couple of our people when the wall fell.

By this point we were all pretty exhausted and tapped out so we all headed to the cabins to settle in to bed. I arranged to share my bunk with Adam -before- he fell asleep so I got to be warm and happy. Unfortunately not everyone settled into sleep right away – a couple of the others were awake and stomping around with a really bright light and making lots of noise. Irritated the hell out of me but I fell asleep before I could get worked up enough to get off my nice warm boy and go yell at them. Just as well. ^_^ I slept wonderfully – Adam’s like a sleeping tonic for me. I snuggle up against him and I’m -out-. Poor boy did not sleep nearly so well as I stole his pillow and he was too polite to wake me up and ask for it back. *snicker*.

It was a good event. Turns out the first day I was just PMSing. ^_^ Now I’m totally not pregnant and I feel a lot better.

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