A Riding We Will Go! ^_^

This past weekend, Trent and I packed our bags and headed back to his parents place where we were swept up on a several hour long trail ride. ^_^ It was awesome and since I took my camera and made the mistake of letting Trent hold onto it… There are many, many pictures. Here are some of them. ^_^

Here’s me wiping down Sterling, the chubby little monster they’ve had me riding, the last couple times I’ve been out to their place. Despite appearances (and an inclination to roll in the dirt and mud), he’s a real sweet horse. Bouncy little monster, he likes to run and he -really- likes to jump and at the end of the day when all the other horses are getting tired, he’s just getting into his stride.

And here we go, heading out on the trail. That chubby horse is busy trying to eat all the trees, while I’m busy making faces at Trent.

Behind me is Trent’s father, making sure I don’t fall off the horse or something.

And here’s Trent, trying to kiss me in public. But! My trusty camera defeats his attempts, muahaha!

And here’s a good pictures of Cliff, Trent’s father, riding a pretty little thing named Sapphire. You can’t tell from the picture but that horse has the prettiest face I’ve ever seen

Is he still taking pictures? Yeah, he’s still taking pictures.

And here’s me, pretending like I can steer the horse, while the horse cheerfully ignores me and takes his own path.

And what’s a trail ride without a break for lunch? I make like a chipmunk with my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Some people like to ride really big horses.

Really, -really- big horses. She calls him Gordy because he’s a pig, but he’s such a sweetheart.

Here’s Trent and his father, looking handsome together…

And then all of us together… And the rest of the riders leave us behind. xD

And here’s Trent’s horse eating me…

‘Cause I’m just so delicious? xD It tickles!

Trent takes… waaaaay too many pictures. That man can’t be trusted with a camera.

But he looks damn good on that horse! ^_^

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