A World Like My Own #263 – Just Go


There we go! ^_^ Comic successfully coloured and updated, thanks to Terje and my wonderful new tablet, hear by named and known as Calico Jack (a fascinating pirate man – the only pirate known to bring along his own pirate lover… who also brought along -her- own pirate lover. Who was a woman. Clearly, my kinda crew. ^_~) In anycase, there is a comic and I worked hard on it.

It didn’t turn out quite as well as I might have hoped because I spent most of the colouring process trying to get used to a tablet laptop system and I’m still trying to learn to colour well. But with a little work and practice, I’m sure I’ll get better. Stick with me! ^_^

(And ignore how sad the comic seems… The comic lags a couple months behind my real life and I was very sad, but I’m doing much better now, promise!)

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