Can you help me with my Psychology paper?

I’m writing my psychology term paper on the theraputic benefits of role-playing, especially larping. :) Half my paper is going to be relating the research of real psychologists in the field, but to stand out and get an awesome grade, I’m hoping to conduct my own minor research through a survey. Woo! If any of you would be so kind as to fill this survey out and either pm or e-mail me the results (arienna at gmail dot com) I’d be really appreciative – as would my 4.0 average. ^_^

Here’s the survery:

How old are you?

Are you: Male / Female

Do you play in: (select all that apply)

Table-Top / LARP / Online RPGS

Do you play characters who are: (Select all that apply)

Much Like Yourself / What you wish you were like / Completely different

Do you find role-playing to be a good escape from your real life?

Yes / No

Do you feel more comfortable socializing with other role-players?

Yes / No

Have you ever gone to see a therapist?

Yes / No

Have you ever thought about seeing a therapist?

Yes / No

Have you ever been diagnosed as having a psychological condition?

Yes / No

If so, could you specify?

Do you use role-playing to work out problems you’re having in your regular life?

Yes / No

Do you feel better able to handle the rest of your life after a role-playing event?

Yes / No

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.

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