Early Christmas Present

“Hey, hey!” said my father. “I have a question real quick. How much was your new bike?”

“Buh…” I said, buying time and squirming in embarrassment for how much I spent on something that, strictly speaking wasn’t strictly necessary, especially for a fulltime college student. “Whyyyy do you wanna know?”

“Because I wanna know!”

“Buh! You gonna judge me? It was really expensive for me… but it wasn’t that expensive for what it is! And it’s my primary mode of transportation! It’s important that it be reliable and, uh, pretty.”

“So how much was it?”

“$450.” I confessed. “But it’s not as bad as it sounds! The bike retails for way, way more than that and I got a top of the line cycling computer and toe clips and water bottles and stuff… It was a really good deal.”

“Do you want an early Christmas present?”

“What present? Is it a road bike?!” I may have developed a minor bike acquisition problem.

“How about -your- bike?”


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