Pedicabbing Tales – Awesome Night

Just to show that pedicabbing isn’t all doom and gloom, I had an awesome night last night. There were two concerts playing in town – one large band at the amphitheatre and a symphony down at the memorial building, performing a tribute to Queen. My night was made however on the first ride, which was a stylish and attractive computer geek (I know! But seriously, this guy was bebonair) wanted to go to the other end of town. We had a great chat about technology, languages, and the like and then he tipped me generously – paid off my rental fee for the shift, making the rest of the night profit and guaranteeing me a good day. Thanks Mister Hot Computer Type Guy!

After that things were pretty laid back for awhile – not many people wanted rides to the shows because the weather was lovely, but we all knew everyone would want a lift back after they’d had a couple drinks and stood around partying for a few hours. I still managed to snag a couple of rides though, which made me happy. ^_^ Then I got an hour or so to putter around during the lull. Every shift has a time block where the streets are dead. if you ride all over the place and pester people, you’ll get a ride… but then your legs are going to be way more tired than you want for the rest of the night. There’s an effort to profit ratio you have to watch out for, especially when you work several days a week.

Once the shows started letting out though, it was on! I have a love/hate relationship with the amphitheatre… Whenever they do a show I get a lot of rides and make a lot of money, but it’s situated at the bottom of steep climbs in all directions. After three or four rides, you start seriously considering packing it up and going home. There was quite a bit of awesomeness though – M and I picked up a group of four slightly drunken fellows who wanted to have a good time. They handed us a fifty and told us to take them to a good bar and that we should go uphill. I asked them if they liked irish pubs, they said they loved irish pubs.. so we decided to haul them up the hill and across town to my second favourite pub. Halfway up the hill? My riders decided to get out and push the cab up the hill. xD It happens sometimes, boys feel bad about making a girl pedal them around. The first few times, I fretted and fussed, but now I just kick into high gear and peel up that hill, cheering the fellows on to keep up. Poor M had to trudge up by himself – he was much jealous, but these guys were awesome. They were all drunken but in a pleasant, fun way. They weren’t rowdy or out of control. One kept telling me, “That is a nice thigh. You have great legs!” Which a girl needs to hear sometimes. ^_~

The best quote of the evening came when I was coasting down the Hill O Death to pick up more passengers and past a couple of drunken walkers, staggering up it. One stopped in his path and stared at me, mouth open in shock.

“She’s a wo.. That’s a WOMAN!” he slurred urgently to his companions. I guess my legs are just that astounding.

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One Response to Pedicabbing Tales – Awesome Night

  1. Keith Davies says:

    You were coasting down the hill toward him? It might not have been your legs that tipped him off, Ari.

    Mmm… soft Ari-bits.

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