State of the Arienna Address

Oh man, where have I been?

Let’s see. When last I spoke to you I was pedicabbing my summer away and having a great time… Alas, I have financial responsibilities and with school starting back up I needed something a little more reliable. So I started waiting tables again. I feel like it’s a giant step back from the reliable clerical work I’ve been doing but I’ve got solid classes from 10 to 2 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s not easy to find an office willing to work around that kind of schedule *and* give you time off to study for midterms and finals. Yuck.

I also met and fell into a relationship with the wonderful Gray. He’s an efficient German man who works as a software engineer and has three (THREE!) children with an ex-wife. He makes me… wonderfully happy. Much of what I write for the next while will be about Arie’s Adventures with Gray and Gray’s Children. Because, man. That’s a whole new thing.

School is… going. Calc III is interesting, Physics is really hard. I’m pretty constantly worried about the future, whether or not I’ll be able to get into university, whether or not I’ll be able to learn everything I need to learn, whether or not I’ll be able to succeed… But these are such standard anxieties, they’re hardly worth speaking of. Old hat, sirrah.

That’s all for now. ^_^ Just a quick update to get us back on the road.

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