Meeting Gray

Gray and I met on a singles website. He’s sent me a message while I was seeing someone else and I’d been interested in his existence but occupied so… we lost touch. And then he sent me another message that said, “I wondered why your pictures looked so familiar, and then I ran across this in some old photos.” Attached to the message was a picture of a stunningly beautiful girl. She has brownish red hair that reaches shoulders that are broad for a girl. She stares at the camera, head tilted slightly and wearing a wry smile that suggests of wit and humor. She wears no make up and her eyebrows are thicker than most women would wear them – here is a woman who is confident in her own natural beauty. She’s dressed and positioned comfortably, with no sign of self-consciousness or insecurity.

And she looks just like me.

Oh, that’s an inaccurate statement, but there’s something strikingly similar – we share the same eyes and something in the jawline. I stared at her picture like a drooling idiot and considered the social acceptability of dating a girl specifically because we look so much alike. Narcissism? Me? Never! Regardless, I very much wanted to know more about her, so I wrote back.

Arienna: Hey! Who’s the girl? :)

Gray: That’s me. From when I was 18.

Arienna: … Seriously? Are you transgendered or just really pretty?

Gray: LOL

After that, I decided it was imperative that we get to know each other better. Well, I demanded he exchange IM information with me and do a quick Are We Related check. Same thing, right?

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