Adventures with Children – Duck Racing

By my next Adventure with Children, I was starting to feel pretty serious about Gray. I was spending most of my time with him and very happy, in a comfortable way… So when my parents announced they’d be in town on the same weekend Gray’s children were going to be over, I asked if he might want to meet them and bring his children.

“I don’t know, I think that might be a bit too much. Mobbing them with three children? You dad will think ‘My daughter is dating a circus!’” That’s my new favourite term for his children. The Circus. ^_^ Still I told him the offer stood and it was up to him, but I didn’t think my parents would be more shocked by three children than one.

Coincidentally, Gray picked up his eldest daughter for the weekend, with out the rest of the circus. I originally planned to make myself scarce so as not to intrude on the girl’s daddy time but Gray suggested I not. He turned out to be right – I joined them for dinner Friday night when he got her and she was shortly asking me if I was going to sleep over and did I want to sleep with her.

Aleeza is a real sweet kid. She’s the eldest of what is now five children with her mother and three with her father. I get the feeling she spends a lot of time playing little mother to her siblings but, at the same time she gets stuck doing things that’re just a little too young for her. In anyway, it was a pretty exciting thing for her to come up alone and spend the weekend with her daddy and me.

I’d read a flier advertising a semi-free (you don’t have to spend money, but you will) Duck Racing event outside my workplace and after some fancy phone tag everything was arranged – we’d go to the event in the morning, wander around, have fun, meet my parents at my work (which serves the BEST food and cider) and then finish the Duck Race. Pretty much the best day ever.

And it went so well! She liked me! She held my hand the whole time and we ran from thing to thing, enjoying the sights and making poor, poor Gray carry all the stuff we picked up. I was terribly anxious to get on well with her, so every time she showed an interest in something, it was hers. ‘Look, face painting’ ‘Let’s get your face painted!’ ‘Look, snow cones!’ ‘Have a snow cone!!’ ‘Look at these eagle pens…’ ‘HAVE A PEN!!!’

But, I mean… A little spoiling isn’t too bad of a thing. Right?

And my parents seemed fairly enchanted by the concept of a small child. My stepmother’s people breed so she already has grandchildren but my family.. Well, I’m pretty sure my father has long since given up on ever seeing our family line continued. The amusing highlight of the day though was when Aleeza decided to go use the restroom and, being nine, went by herself. But my father and I spent the whole time peering anxiously at the hallway, as if any moment we’d see her being carried off by barbarian hordes or something.

We’re neither of us accustomed to children.

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  1. Stratigo says:

    It is good to see things are going well with you there

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