Monster Truck Roller Skates!

It started because my Derby Big* was wearing these funky shark wheels at a parade. She said they were great for skating on cracks and pebbles, giving her a smooth ride over lousy terrain. Flash forward a few months and here we are, dealing with a pandemic induced lockdown.

We’re all doing a lot of trail skating and the local trails have a lot of wood slat bridges that keep pretty rough and terrible under our wheels.

Kodi handles bridges with style!

So Joe and I got the bright idea to try out some shark wheels and see if that helped. The easy way would have been to get the derby shark wheels but since we might want to become badass park skaters, we thought we’d ALSO grab the penny trucks some folks use for stability on park tricks and grinds. I even found a cheap bundle of some ugly lilac trucks on ebay!

Nothing a little spray paint won't fix

Once the paint had set, I got to work with my wrenches and bearing press and made… MONSTER TRUCK ROLLER SKATES!!!

Gonna go crush lesser skates!

Now to take them for a spin!

*A Derby Big is a more experienced skater who adopts you as their little. They’re there to cheer for you, encourage you, answer any questions you might have.

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