My life, to date…

So, so… For those of you not Up To Date, I successfully passed bartender training and am now a professional booze-slinging woman, a couple days out of the week. (The rest of the time I’m still Your Subserviant and Silently Swearing Server) Once my manager pulled me aside and told me that, as a bartender, I’m allowed and -expected- to sling witty comments and the occasional snarky remark… All is going well. XD I enjoy it tons more than waitressing – none of the messier parts of working and making the drinks is kinda like playing mad scientist with interestingly coloured chemicals. I meet… Interesting People and hear Unusual Comments (such as, the other day: I really think we should descriminate more against the handicapped. Seriously, they’re trying to fit into society too much. I kid you not, he said this).

Tomorrow, I shall be closing the bar on Halloween night. o.O I will be dressing up as a Pirate/Wench and… I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in a morbid curiousity sort of way. I’m also bringing pepper spray.

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